Friday, August 28, 2009

Soft Rain

Sitting under the shelter of my front porch, I hear trickles of raindrops falling from the roof, making light splashing noises as the drops hit the brick below. Thunder rumbles in the distance.

I hear the rain puttering on the tree leaves as it hits each leaf causing them to frolic and dance up and down.

I smell the grey mud from the river - and fish - mixed with the fresh crisp scent of new rain.

I see dark, fluffy grey clouds mixed with lighter grey clouds that have brilliant spots of sun fighting to shine through. I see a patch of blue being covered by the clouds. I see light wind being carried from tree to tree making the leaves wave up and down to the wet drops falling from the grey clouds above.

I hear a radio in the distance, unable to determine the tune. I hear more thunder - louder, closer now. I hear a neighbor puttering around in his garage causing tinker noises to cross the path. A car alarm goes off down the street - and suddenly stops as quickly as it had started.

I feel the humidity stick to my skin like glue and the itchy little nips of mosquitoes bites telling me it's time to go inside.

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