Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Organized Life

I've been off of my feet for a few days and have had to turn the kitchen over to my husband. Although, I appreciate his help when I'm down, I always dread the day when I return because I know that I will have trouble finding things and have to play hide and seek.

In the past, when I've loaded my dishwasher, I would often wonder if I was "overly organized", if there is such a thing. When I load my eating utensils in the dishwasher, I put all the forks in one slot, all the spoons in another slot and all the knives in an even different slot. I have all the utensils facing downward so that when I unload, I do not touch the part of the utensil that goes into your mouth. As I unload, everything is organized and I just have to pull out the spoons, etc. and place them in their proper slot int the kitchen drawer.

Well, today I unloaded the dishwasher that my husband so lovingly loaded for me and I realized that I am not overly organized and I will never feel guilty about that again.

He had the spoons, forks and knives going every direction and all mixed together in every slot. As I would pull the utensils out, I would have to untangle forks entwined together. I would have to turn utensils around, piece by piece, so that I did not touch the part that goes into your mouth. The sorting and organization probably took me about three times longer than usual - no exaggeration.

I feel wiser this morning and a little proud of myself for being so organized with loading my dishwasher.

As Immanuel Kent once said, "Wisdom is organized life."

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