Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wanderings in July

It's a beautiful July Saturday. My husband and I decided to go out and find something fun to do. I was on the Internet when he suggested the idea and it just so happened that I was on a page of things to do in our area. I saw that there was a vintage motorcycle show at our local airport somewhere on some web site. So, we grabbed Weenie, the Wonder Dog (sometimes we wonder if she's really a dog), got in the car and took off towards the airport.
When we arrived, we didn't see anything. We decided I must've misread the post. I grabbed the newspaper I had laying in the back seat, checked the section that told what's happening around town and we decided to head towards Yorktown for their Farmer's Market and a walk on the beach. Being a beautiful Saturday in July, the beach, of course, was crowded. We tried one parking lot after another. We finally found one about two blocks from the beach and started walking.
As we started meandering our way towards the waterfront, we came to a public restroom, which we were grateful to find. Then, we came upon an old church and decided to walk around in the old shady graveyard. I found Thomas Nelson's grave there and had no idea this was where he was buried.
We continued our walk and ended up in a residential section stuck somewhere in the middle of the tourist area. We came across some guy walking his dog and asked if we could access the beach by following this road. He pointed to some steps that led down to the water front and off we trekked - one chubby thigh following the other.
We climbed down what seemed like never ending stairs and when we finally reached the bottom, we took a left towards the Farmer's Market. Walking in the sand, we admired the sail boats and ships heading out to the Chesapeake Bay and the yachts moored at the peers near the eating establishments. We passed all the sun worshipers and children with buckets and shovels. Finally, we got up to the Farmer's Market only to see that there were three tents left and they were in the process of being pulled down.
Well, we missed the motorcycle show and now we've missed the market. Sigh. We were hungry by this time and decided to go back to town for a much forbidden foot-long hot dog, french fries and a shake. And that's exactly what we did. We went to our favorite mom and pop stop - the Queen Anne Dairy Snack - best fast food in town - and we ate to our heart's content.
We didn't get to do what we set out to do at all, but we had a bit of an adventure, a great lunch and enjoyed each other's company and the beautiful Saturday in July.

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