Thursday, January 21, 2010

Personal Coaching - Second Week

I've started my second week of personal coaching.

So far, I have written down pages and pages of goals. Then, under each category, I chose a "Thrilling Goal". A thrilling goal is something that you would do if there were nothing to hinder you at all - no fears, money wasn't an issue, etc. So, I have four of those - one under each category.

Then I have created a list of about 25 tolerations. Tolerations, in the coaching world, is a word that is used for things that you put up with in your daily life. For instance, one of my tolerations is dim lighting in our home. It seems it is never bright enough in any room for me to be able to read. And some of the lighting we have comes on slowly and gradually - my husband's love - not mine. When I turn a light on, I want the light to come on - not have to wait for it to warm up so I can see several minutes later. So, that's a toleration for me. And, yes, I have a list of twenty-five. My coach instructed us to make a list of ten to twenty-five and I was going to stop at ten, but - hey - I was on a roll. What can I say?

Next step was to create a list of ten goals that I want to accomplish this year. That was easy enough because I had all the goals previously listed from my four categories. So, I grabbed some from there and wrote them down.

Then I had to pick "BE" words. These are words that describe how I want to be. As the coach pointed out, we define who we are oftentimes by what we do. "I'm a teacher. I'm a secretary. I'm a doctor." This exercise is to help you define who you are by what you want to be - or how you already are. So, I picked three "BE" words and then after I wrote them, I went back and put the word "very" in front of my "BE" words.

After listing ten goals to accomplish for this year and picking three "BE" words, the coach instructed us to go back to the list of ten goals and write how we will BE by accomplishing these goals.

By doing this last exercise, I could clearly see that by accomplishing my goals I become who I want to be. And then I realized that even if I didn't accomplish the goal this year, just the fact that I've tried will help me become who I want to be.

So, here I go on my way to becoming:
1. Very self-confident
2. Very motivated
3. Very prosperous

Watch me grow!

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