Thursday, January 28, 2010

Personal Coaching - Week Three

I must say I am surprised how much I've learned and implemented in my life these past three weeks from just this little bit of coaching.

I've established three goals that I'm actually working on right now. I've broken them down into smaller goals and am seeing accomplishment.

This week, however, I realized I needed to change one of my goals. I realized that I need to put my writing at the top of the list and concentrate on that, since that is the gift that I've been given. So, that's what I'm setting out to do.

I've reviewed what I accomplished last week, and what I did NOT accomplish last week. Then, I considered why certain things were not accomplished and what, if anything, got in the way.

Next, I've made goals to accomplish for this week - the smaller goals to reach the final goal. Then, I decided what actions I needed to take in order to accomplish those smaller goals.

Remember discussing "tolerations" in a previous blog? Well, I've also addressed three tolerations this week. One of them was to throw out a few small kitchen appliances that I rarely use. But, after discussing this with my husband - well, he would like to hang on to them for a little while longer, so I scratched that one off of my list. Instead of that, I shampooed the dog - which was long overdue. Boy, let me tell ya' - I was SO glad I switched those tolerations. Whew!

Next I made a list of small nurturing things I would do for myself this week - you know, fun things I like to do.

And last of all, I wrote down something for which I was grateful.

This past week has been very productive for me, as far as coaching goes. I worked on three goals, realizing that one of them needed to be changed, I made a new friend and made a lunch date with an old friend, cleaned off my desk (which took all of five minutes tops), colored my hair, bathed the dog, read my book, watched an old classic movie, blogged and realized how grateful I am for the opportunity to experience this personal coaching thing.

This weekend I'm going to work on a visual anchor for my goals. I think I'm going to create a vision board and put up a collage of pictures of the goals I'm achieving. I think that will be fun. Apparently, having that in front of your face throughout the day causes you to subconsciously work towards these things.

Since setting goals and getting rid of tolerations, I have become more satisfied and at peace within my spirit. Who knew?

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